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Some older work

The dialogue between music and visual media has always been an important focus in my research and work; how can you translate the multiple layers of music into an adequate audiovisual form, or how can you have music and its visualisations coëxist, are questions that keep coming back.

For example, the production with The Hilliard Ensemble for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts 1994, Brussels, Basilique Koekelberg:
Deo Gratias – Joannes Ockeghem
(36 voice polyphony, performed by the four singers of The Hilliard Ensemble)
Qui Habitat – Josquin Des Prez
(24 voice polyphony, performed by the four singers of the Hilliard Ensemble)
Concept: Thierry De Mey / production: Mathy Vanbuel / video (and concept of visual translation): Rudi Knoops
©VRT/Kunstenfestivaldesarts 1994

The Hilliard Ensemble

The Hilliard Ensemble - Deo Gratias - Ockeghem

Another example:
A series of concerts with extreme widescreen visualizations of motets of Alexander Utendal & Philippus de Monte.
With Bart Demuyt / Capilla Flamenca / Oltremontano
The enhanced audio-cd contains 2 of the projected visualisations and 2 ‘video-clips’ of the musicians performing motets of Alexander Utendal.
Passacaille 937 – Alexander Utendal & Philippus de Monte (2003)

Concert Utendal - click picture to view the video

Concert Utendal - click picture to view the video's


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I currently have a PhD fellowship at KU Leuven, Associated Faculty of the Arts. This blog documents my PhD research, where I explore the workings of cylindrical anamorphosis in audiovisual media. My practice based arts research shows an evolution towards installation-based works.