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MULTIPLE voice/vision

MULTIPLE voice/vision @ AWAKENING WOODS, Neerpelt, July-August 2012

MULTIPLE voice/vision @ AWAKENING WOODS, Neerpelt, July-August 2012

The installation MULTIPLE voice/vision is the output of a research project in the arts, with as focus how friction between multiple layers of sound and vision can be a trigger for embodied perception. A multitrack registration—for both sound and vision—of J.S. Bach’s Musikalisches Opfer, performed by Roel Dieltiens and Ensemble Explorations, is the musical content of the installation. Ingenious mirror structures and sound projections invite visitors to take a physical walk through the rich counterpoint texture of Bach’s music. In a spatialized setting, each musician is projected individually, for both sound and vision. In the centre of the installation the multiple auditory layers coalesce into a surround sound. On the other hand a more analytic listening mode is possible by physically approaching one of the musicians. For the visual layers the baroque technique of cylindrical anamorphosis is used: a distorted image can be observed in its reconstituted form through reflection in a cylindrical mirror. Observing one single anamorphosis brings the visitor close to the projected image (and sound) of one individual musician and amplifies the analytical listening mode. The multiple use of anamorphosis forces the visitor to make choices and invites to spatially and physically explore and experience the polyphonic texture of Bach’s music. In this baroque and multi-layered universe, visitors choose for themselves which individual musical lines to emphasize. They go in search of interesting perspectives – whether auditory, visual or a combination of the two – to create their own perspective on the music performed.

MULTIPLE voice/vision - detail @ Bach Academy, Concertgebouw Brugge,  2014

MULTIPLE voice/vision - detail @ Bach Academy, Concertgebouw Brugge, 2014


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I currently have a PhD fellowship at KU Leuven, Associated Faculty of the Arts. This blog documents my PhD research, where I explore the workings of cylindrical anamorphosis in audiovisual media. My practice based arts research shows an evolution towards installation-based works.